Gaba Rice

Let’s test GABA rice. It did not smell like GABA rice, but that is OK, it smells like normal brown rice, because the green tea kills the bacteria during the soaking process.

You all know how I am fond of GABA rice, but the first time I ate the Green Tea GABA rice was a revelation: this is the best tasting rice in the world: this is the Beluga amongst the cereals.

Normally I never judge on taste, as I know people make the wrong food choices mostly based on taste. But as I know that this GTG rice contains even a much higher percentage of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) than the normal GABA rice (about 300% more!), I was immediately addicted; delicious and healthy, a combination not easy to find.

And it does not look or does not taste like green tea.
I made it one cup of rice / one cup of water but for desserts I would add 50% more water.

Now some scientific research:

The Shimane Prefecture Agricultural Technology Center in Japan found that if you germinate the rice in green tea, the GABA is increased again–up to three times the amount in GBR that’s available on the market in Japan.
The researchers theorize that green tea prevents GABA loss in two ways: because of its higher osmotic pressure and because it naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, thus eliminating the need to change the water during germination. One also has to surmise that the green tea also acts like a natural plant-growth stimulator–after all, many Japanese pour leftover green tea on their houseplants and use old tea leaves as a garden fertilizer. Finally, brown rice germinated in green tea obviously absorbs the tea’s polyphenols and all other good benefits of the green tea.

Together with mackerel, GABA Green Tea rice has the highest concentration of GABA you can find in food, and at least we know that the rice of Raitong Organics Farm is of the highest organic quality, what not can be said from mackerel.

The term “comfort food” takes on new meaning when referring to foods that stimulate the production of this calming amino acid in the brain. People who exhibit symptoms of low GABA levels can reduce their anxiety, increase mental focus and lower irritability without the use of prescriptions, by eating brown Green Tea GABA rice.

Raitong Organics Farm is the only rice farm in Thailand who produces this delicious and healthy rice.

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