Delicious sauerkraut recipe

Now I will tell you a sauerkraut recipe delicious, which I always use. The most traditional western pickle is of course sauerkraut, choucroute, pickled white cabbage.

It does not have a lot of ingredients, I made enough for a small Perfect Pickler pot.

1600 grams white cabbage, cut very fine.

1 grated red apple (160 grams)

1 table spoon Juniper berries

1/2 table spoon caraway seeds

18 grams sea salt

some juice from a pervious pickle as a starter.

As usual you can do it without the starter, but then you double the amount of salt.
I added 1 table spoon of grated ginger and one table spoon of umeboshi liquid, only because I like the taste. Mix well and work on it with a mortar, the more the better, as then the cabbage releases its juice and you do not need to add any water.
I crushed the Juniper berries and the caraway seeds in order to spread the taste better. Put all ingredients in your pickle pot and let in room temperature till you see it bubbling ( about 4 days in tropical weather, about one week in a temperate climate). Afterwards you put it in the fridge.
Like for all pickles I advise not to open the pot every day, so take a smaller recipient and fill this once a week from the bigger one, so your pickles will not get contaminated.

As cabbage contains a lot of choline, this pickle will reduce your cholesterol.

The sauerkraut is very healthy for the liver and for the digestive track too.

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