Safe cooking

Safe cooking is an important issue in a healthy lifestyle system. Cooking tools and ingredients are also very important in the healthy kitchen. Cooking and baking should be done in stainless steel pots or emanel cast iron pots, not treated with an anti-stick coating. Avoid aluminium in the kitchen.
When using plastics for food storage, use the right kind of plastic (my next article will be about plastics) or use glass containers.
The best oil to use is sesame oil (to be stored in a dark place),salt is natural seasalt of course, which contains much more minerals than Na Cl.

Gas is better than electricity for cooking, but as in my building there is no choice, I installed a vitroceramic cooking plate, the best electric choice for cooking purposes.

Pay attention to the use of soap, use less (I add 300 % water), and rinse very well after washing the dishes, otherwise small particles of soap will disolve in your intestines and solve the protective fat coating, making it easier for the nitrates to get into your blood in stead of going out the natural way.

Come back in a few days to read in the next article the difference between the plastics used in our kitchens.

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