How to protect kidneys

A person should always take care of his kidneys and liver. Let’s take a look at some tips on How to protect kidneys.

Good knowledge of those 2 organs can give us a much better life.
Kidneys are important as they do not regenerate easily and they are the source of our life essense.
The kidneys (Gate of Life) govern the brain, the memory, the bones, the ears and the hearing, the spine, the lower back, the hormonal organs, the knees, the willpower.

How to protect kidneys

  • the right exercise : yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts
  • keep them warm: from time to time a warm compress will do a lot of good
  • breathing
  • food like aduki beans, black soy bean, seaweed, root vegetables
  • salt: the right amount of salt in your diet, not too much, but enough.

Sources of salt: natural salt, seaweed, miso, soy sauce, pickles, umeboshi
How do you know when you eat too much salt?
When you are always thirsty, crave sweets, crave oil, are overeating, and crave more salt.
What are the negative emotions related to the kidneys? Fear, anxiety and worry.

What does weaken the kidneys?

  • sugar
  • too much exercise (e.g.body building)
  • lack of sleep
  • stress
  • too much sex

Tomorrow we will cover the liver.

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