How to eat healthily

Let’s talk about how to eat healthily and how to start taking care of your health.

We have established in the previous article how we should eat, now we will go more in detail. We should eat local food, food that grows in the same climate region as where we live. Most of our diet should be cereals: wheat, rice, millet or what ever cereal grows in your region, those cereals should be in a non refined form (e.g. brown rice). Second most important food group are vegetables, also those should be from the same region.

Most of your veggies should be cooked, fried or pickled, that will make them more digestible. Also leguminoses are part of a healthy diet, beans or lentiles at least once a week.

Seaweeds will give you the necessary minerals and spore elements.
As ingredients you only take the best quality : seasalt, sesame oil, cereals and vegetables from organic origin.

This is clearly a diet that you cannot mix with a “normal” diet, as this diet will make your organs more sensible for junk food, so when you mix, you will feel worse in stead of better.
Important in the beginning is that you apply the “rules” strictly, in order to see any improvement during transition.

In order to eliminate toxins , drinking pure water is essential, but not the more the better, better drink small glasses several times a day than a few big ones.

Also the number of meals is important, try to eat at least 3 (or even 4) times a day, and do not eat after 7 pm.

Take times for your meal; take a moment to calm down before every meal and chew as much as possible: normally you should chew so many times that you can drink your food.

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