Health recovery

To be honnest, it is not difficult to be healthy, it is difficult to get sick, but still so many people manage to get sick, by their own mistakes. Consider how the health recovery, which we lose in the process of life, takes place.

On the moment of our conception, we are at least 99% perfect, but as from then, all goes downhill. When we are in the woomb, we get our mothers blood, so we get her non balanced food, her stress, pollution etc… and as we are only a very sensitive embryo, we are very much affected by those bad influences.

Once we are born, when we are lucky, we get breast fed for at least a year, but most children nowadays are not that lucky as both parents have to work, so kids get canned food, or powdered cow milk, with plenty of chemicals in it.

As a todler, we start eating meat, sugar, canned food, white bread, white rice, all kinds of refined food. Every day I am amazed that humans survive todlerhood.

And what is keeping us alive? Electromagenic energy will stear our cells in the direction of perfection.

But still we manage to get sick, as we do not think about what we eat. If you read my past blogs, you know that we eat too much, too fat, too sweet, too refined and too fast.

So how we can get back to our original status, where is our reset button?

There are two ways: first to limit the intake of toxins (meat, sugar, refined products, canned food, restaurant food) and second, start eliminating the toxins that are already in your organs, tissues, blood, joints.

The two most important organs are the kidneys and the liver: when they are OK, all organs are OK. So we need to eat food that stimulates those organs ; for the liver, curcuma is a very strong anti-oxidans, and eating a lot of celery will help too, as well as a glass of water with lemon juice or natural vinegar in the morning, every morning.

For the kindeys, the radish family is very healthy, radish, black radish, daikon and also leek stimulates the kidneys. Important help for the kidneys, only drink when you are thirsty.

Ok while eating all this, we are on the right track. But will we feel good?? Probably it will get worse before it is getting better. If we diminish the toxins in our blood, osmosis will push the toxins captured in our joint, organs and tissue back into our blood, and this will make us probably sick for a few days. This is also why I never advise pregant women to change their diet, as there is a risk the toxins will go staight to the foetus.

When you eat bad, the toxins will move from your blood to the tissue/organs/joints and after a few years , provoke cancer. When you start to eat healthy, all those toxins have to move back to your blood, by the force of osmosis and that is why you get sick before you get healthy.

Also exercise stimulates elimination of toxins, every person 30+ should exercise daily.

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