Kimchi recipe

I was asked to put some more recipes online, so here a delicious kimchi recipe.
Kimchi, like other pickles is very easy food, as you can eat it right our of the fridge,no further preparation required. Good for on picknicks etc… .
Try to find organic vegetables as they ferment easier.

Clean all pots and knives very well, but without soap, as soap kills also the good bacteria.Take 2.5 kilo of chinese (napa) cabbages, cut them in pieces of about 1 inch – 2 cm -and put them in a large tub (I have a plastic tub that I only use for food).
Take 15 scallions, 25 gr sea salt, 3 tea spoons liquid of amasake, 4 table spoons fresh grated ginger, 4 table spoons dried chili powder, 1 table spoon cayenne pepper, 1 green capsicum and  1 red capsicum.

Cut all the veggies in small pieces, and mix everything with the cabbage.  I use a pestle to compress the veggies, the more pressure you put on it, the better the pickle. I also add a bit of my previous pickle badge. Then I put everything in my Perfect Pickler , add bottled water till the water reaches the top of the pot, and close the pot. I put the pot on a plate, as sometimes water will come out.

In a warm climate/season the kimchi will be ready after 4 days,during which air bubbles move up; that is the sign that the veggies are being pre-digested.

After  4 days, I put everything in a big airtight container and put it in the fridge.

In order not to cross contaminate always use a clean fork to take out the kimchi, the best is to have a small container with kimchi  too, so that you dont have to open your big recipient too often.

Bon apetit!

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