Cleansing diet

A cleansing diet is one of the best ways to restore health, energy and vigor to your life. Due to my social calendar, I have to plan my cleansing a bit earlier as usual, so my first day will be Saturday 16th January, and it will go on for exactly 28 days. This diet needs a lot of preparation. I also have to plan which diet I will follow.

The first 10 days (period l) will be a strict macrobiotic-vegan diet, with emphasis on cleaning and regenerating the liver, and stimulating the life essense by strengthening my kidneys. As it will be without fruit, amasake or any form of alcohol (all Yin food), I should eat less rice: now about 55% of my meal consists of brown gaba rice, during my cleansing it should be maximal 40%, and instead of cooking 2 cups of rice with 3 cups of water, I shall cook with 4 cups of water, this adds more Yin.

More green vegetables in my meals, aswell as seaweed, beans (black soybeans are very good for kidneys), mushrooms, a bit of celery to clean out the liver, but not too much as then my hormones will go crazy. A bit of tofu will also help to balance my testosterone. Turmeric will also be a daily ingredient, to help the regeneration of the liver.

From day 11 till day 20 (period ll) I will follow the macrobiotic Number 7 Diet. I did it once 20 years ago and in a moderate climate, I never did it in the tropics and I think it will not be easy.

What is a Number 7 Diet?

In his book Zen Macrobiotics, George Oshawa introduced the idea of seven levels of diet whereby the proportion of whole grains increases until the highest level, called Diet Number 7, where whole grains form nearly 100 percent.
10 days on only brown rice and water is a harsh diet for the tropics.
The last 8 days (period lll) will be the same as the first 10 days, in order to get gradually to normal life again.
My diet will be a period to look at myself, to see what, when and where I will eliminate, to write every 2 days a blog on Mastering Health about my progress, I will take pictures of myself, before, during and after the diet, and publish them if they can teach us something.

I will not use any salt, miso, soy sauce, but I will use a lot of sauerkraut, I have made a special batch with only 1% of salt, and the seaweeds kombu, wakame, hijiki and nori will provide me with the minerals I need.
Oil and frying will be limited too, but I will take some raw oil from time to time.
Sunflower kernels, pumpkin seed, sesame and flax seed will also be present in period l and period lll. Water intake should be monitored: not too much at the time, better take more frequently smalled doses. Chewing is also important, so I have to focus on the food, take time to eat, also chew the water.

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