Beeswax Candle

A beeswax candle has a number of health benefits. Find out why you should burn beeswax candles at home. I am a fan of natural candles, which, unlike the paraffin ones, are completely safe. The world of soybeans with the addition of natural essential oils burns with me all year round – it is one of my favorite evening moments of relaxation. In the fall-winter season, beeswax candles occupy a special place among my collection. I also light them in my bedroom when I suffer from allergies. Why? A beeswax candle has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. With allergic rhinitis, I felt a quick improvement – I could breathe freely and the symptoms of allergies were much smaller. What is the merit and how does this magic actually work?

A few words about beeswax

Beeswax is a valuable bee product that is produced in the production of honey. It is a material for building honeycombs, secreted by the so-called wax glands in the abdomen of worker bees. This natural and biologically pure raw material is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. We can find it, for example, in the composition of products intended for dry and dull hair as well as for the production of creams and balms. It works similarly to lanolin – it smoothes, oils, moisturizes and softens.
The beeswax includes, among others esters of alcohols and fatty acids, carbohydrates, dyes, minerals and substances showing anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, e.g. chrysin or flavonoids. Beeswax was known in antiquity and used by the inhabitants of Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia, who drew on its anti-inflammatory properties and also used it to cast bronze statues.

Natural beeswax candles – for whom?

Burning beeswax candles is especially recommended for people suffering from diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Their properties will be especially appreciated by allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people with sinus problems. Burning a beeswax candle a few hours before bedtime will help to reduce the annoying symptoms and help you fall asleep.

The advantages of beeswax candles will also be appreciated by parents of young children who have studied the benefits of air ionization. Burning beeswax candles cleans the air of mold, viruses, dust and dust, bringing relief to small allergy sufferers. It is worth knowing that beeswax candles burn smokeless and are completely safe.

Burning beeswax produces a large amount of negative ions. Negative ions are considered in nature as “vacuum cleaners” – they clean the air of dust, mold, viruses, bacteria and other pollutants.

Beeswax candle – benefits

  • It soothes ailments of the respiratory system, lung diseases, asthma, runny nose and allergies. It cleans the air of mold, viruses and dust.It supports the circulatory system, stabilizes blood pressure, and facilitates concentration.
  • Burning a wax candle neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation generated by electronic and electrical devices, e.g. computer, smartphone or TV set.
  • Helps you calm down and relieves the effects of stress. They help you fall asleep (not only due to the improvement of air quality in the room), introducing a mood of relaxation.
  • Natural beeswax candles leave a pleasant smell of honey and propolis in the room (the addition of natural essential oils, e.g. lavender, lemongrass enhances the aromatherapeutic effect).
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors, e.g. tobacco smoke.
  • They are economical and ensure longer burning – the burning time compared to paraffin is up to 3 times longer, and compared to vegetable waxes 2 times longer. Besides, they have a beautiful design 😉 They are sold both in jars and various carved forms.

How to choose a beeswax candle? Remember that!
To fully benefit from the health benefits of candles, choose only those made of 100% beeswax. There are many wax candles on the market that contain only 50% beeswax, which is unfortunately enough for the manufacturer to mark such candles as “made of beeswax”. You should pay special attention to this.

It is best to reach for proven products that come directly from real, small apiaries. I have a place full of unique, valuable products, where I buy not only beeswax candles, but also delicious honey.

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