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Ying Yang relationships

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By gee - Posted on 09 April 2010


On Valentine's Day this year, I wrote that men and women should eat different, as they do not have the same mental and physical balance.

Now  I want to show you how to eat in order to  live in balance with the Universe, in whatever situation you are. 
Should single women eat the same food as married women, and should single women eat the same food as single men?

For this purpose, I present you a little Yin Yang scale I have made: this scale is never 100 % correct as Yin and Yang are relative tendenses, but I use this scale to visualize an idea. 

That is what it is all about: eating and living depending our gender, our relationship status, our age, our evironment in order to stay fit, healthy and flexible, in whatever situation we are.

Please look at the picture: the perfect balance is in the middle and for food, the perfect balance is whole grains.When you go more to the left (Yin), you will first encounter beans and sea vegetables, seeds,yang vegetables, Yin vegetables, local fruits and nuts, extreme Yin vegetables (potato, tomato...) tropical fruits, oil, honey and spices, alcohol (+sugar, drugs, coffee, etc...all to avoid, of course).

If you go to the right (Yang), you will first encounter fish, then poultry, cheese, red meat (avoid those last 3), miso, tamari, eggs (to avoid), salt.

OK , next time more about eating in balance with your relationship status.


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