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Evolution 3: the Future

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By gee - Posted on 18 May 2010


The UniverseThere are solutions to our problem, on individual level, on governemental level and on the level of trade.
First we have to go as green as possible, we have to reduce procreation and we have to rethink our business processes.
I, for example, buy only local goods, avoid buying goods from multinationals and a few years ago I had a vasectomy.



We also should create small businesses, small is beautifull as E.F. Schumacher wrote in 1977, and is more social, economical and ecological  responsible. We should spend less money on insurances and lawyers, and more where it matters. Food should not be an industry, but a matter between farmers and consumers.

In the previous article I wrote that every planet in the Universe has a blueprint of eventual living species on that planet; so is there extraterrestrial life?

Statistically, yes. Less of more developed is impossible to say. But the law of physics, which are universal, will not allow  those creatures to come here, as they too far away. But perhaps they can do the same as we did with Pioneer, they can send an unmanned aircraft to our planet.



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