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Evolution 1 : Where do we come from?

By gee - Posted on 11 May 2010


the universeEvolution?

1) Big Bang, about 14 billion years ago.
2) About 4.5 billion years ago, Earth , our planet was formed.
3) 3 billion years ago, first life was formed (bacteria).
4) 610 million years ago, first multicellular organismes appeared.
5) 300 million years ago, we see the first amphibians.
6) 200 million years ago, the first mammals.
7) 100 million years ago, the first birds, 

and then came modern man, 200.000 years ago.
Mankind is the ultimate creation, there will not be a higher specie ever, and man's blue print was created on the moment of the creation of our planet, and all other creatures were failed try outs from nature.

In the Universe are about 100 billion galaxies, our galaxy is the Milky way, with our sun nearly in the center.

It is the electromagnetic energy from the Earth, moon, sun and constellations that made the blue print of mankind.

So, if Earth was created 24 hours ago, first live would have appeared half an hour ago, man  a 0.00072 milliseconds ago, and still man was able to mess up the environment, given to him.

So this is where we come from: next time, where do we go to.


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